Research works

Activity Report

Scientific research of teachers who belong to IUDR specialization is included in the work of the Civil, Urban Engineering and Technology Department and conducted through research and design department of UTCB financing system via contracts.

Priority thematic research areas of the specialization are: Regional, Urban and Rural Sustainable Development, Information Society Technologies applied in Urban and Territorial Planning.

Scientific research in these topics aim for:

  • Sustainable urban and regional development
  • Prevention and forecasting of natural disasters
  • Using geographic information systems for decision making in urban and regional planning
  • Digital three dimensional City(3D)
  • Urban systems in real time
  • Housing policy with a focus on disadvantaged residential areas
  • Land policy coordination with the Structural Funds investments between urban, rural, regional and national level for the management of urban sprawl
  • Transport, accessibility and mobility
  • Construction and Demolition Waste Management

List of the main research and planning work carried out in recent years:

  1. Urban climate study of Bucharest, Romania,  project funded by Romania – Switzerland Research Programme, 2013-2016,
  2. Urban Strategies for Energy Efficiency – UrSEnE, funded by the URBACT program II, the development period 2009-2010
  3. Waste management: a diagnostic analysis of the evolution of construction and demolition waste in urban areas in the post-accession to the European Union of Romania, PNCDI II, 2007-2010
  4. Promoting and supporting the research community from Romania for participation in the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union – PROSPERO PC7, 2007
  5. PATJ- areas prone to natural hazards section - earthquakes and flood natural risk map of Ialomita County, 2005-present
  6. National program for implementing a geographic information system (GIS) to attain data banks for urban and real estate cadastre, urban and territorial planning, 2004-2006,
  7. Formation of spatial Romanian Danube data  bank in order to stimulate regional development and cross-border cooperation under the EU regulations on the Rhine-Main-Danube-Black Sea basin, INFODUNAREA, 2002-2004
  8. Project no. 10/6637 from 28.11.2002 Human Resources Development in the fields of construction, urban and territorial planning financed under Phare 2000, budget line RO-0007.02.01, Economic and Social Cohesion, Human Resources Development theme, in the context of industrial restructuring.
  9. RURBAN – The method for optimizing the allocation of resources for rural rehabilitation, modernization and restructuring of cities with the help of spatial databases, 2001-2002
  10. Bulbucata commune preliminary General Urban Plan, Giurgiu County, beneficiary Bulbucata City Hall
  11. Daia commune preliminary General Urban Plan, Giurgiu County, beneficiary Daia City Hall
  12. Letca Nouă commune preliminary General Urban Plan, Giurgiu County, beneficiary Letca Nouă City Hall
  13. The urban impact of the Bucharest-Constanta highway, beneficiary SC PROSIG SRL, Constanta, 1999
  14. Surveys and traffic records, interviews on the origin and destination of displacements, beneficiary IPTANA SEARCH, Bucharest, 1998
  15. Conceptual elements necessary to support and structure a national program of social housing, the beneficiary MCT 1998
  16. Terms of Reference and financial proposal for the Phare project “Computerization and decentralized local government activities to implement projects of regional development, poverty alleviation, urban and regional planning, including preparation of human resources” beneficiary Computer Science Research Institute, 1998
  17. Methodological aspects for computer-aided approach to the evaluation and ranking of causes and solutions to reduce rural poverty in Romania, beneficiary World Bank Representative in Bucharest, 1998
  18. Guide on urban and regional planning legal documents of projects promoted by the Romanian Fund for Social Development, beneficiary World Bank Representative in Bucharest, 1998
  19. Technology Guide for infrastructure works in poor rural areas, beneficiary World Bank Representative in Bucharest, 1998 – buildings rehabilitation;
    - rehabilitation of communal roads;
    - water supply;
    - electricity supply;
    - sewerage;
    - flood protection;
    - protection against landslides.
  20. Findings report of infrastructure works of income-generating activities and the situation of disadvantaged groups from 15 communes in Vaslui, beneficiary World Bank Representative in Bucharest, 1998
  21. Report on Environmental Impact Assessment Study for the General Urban Plan of Resita, beneficiary Resita City Hall, 1997
  22. Environmental Impact Assessment Study for the General Urban Plan of Resita, beneficiary Resita City Hall, 1997
  23. Current general aspects on the concept, design and implementation of social housing in Romania, 1997, beneficiary Ministry of Research and Technology
  24. Guidelines and funding structures and incentive systems for construction, renovation, modernization, maintenance and management of housing, residential areas and urban and rural infrastructure in the context of transition to the market economy in Romania, beneficiary National Bank of Romania, 1997