Urban Engineering and Regional Development – IUDR

Specialization accredited by the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education - ARACIS


General Objective

We educate engineers who have expertise for all phases of implementation and maintenance of projects:

  • developing technical phases: development strategies, integrated urban development plans, urban planning documents and land planning;
  • selection and implementation of projects obtaining the necessary funding;
  • designing investments;
  • procurement and contracting of goods, services and works;
  • implementation of the investment;
  • overseeing execution of investments;
  • obtaining reimbursement for various phases of projects;
  • operating and maintaining investments.

Global context

In technical higher education system from the EU countries, all major technical universities, higher schools of engineering with long tradition etc., included and developed in the last 20-30 years, well-defined distinct specializations in this field for all levels of education university through continued post-graduate educations, Ph.D. and permanent training.

In the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Ireland, Spain the specialization “Urban Engineering” exists in the higher technical education for constructions under different names, for example:

  • “Regional and Urban Planning” at”Polytechnical of Central London” (United Kingdom);
  • “Genie Urbain” at “Ecole Nationale de Points et Chaussees” (France);
  • “Statdebau und Bauwesen” at “Technische Hochschule Berlin” (Germany);
  • “Svilupo Territoriale i Urbano” at “Instituto Urbanistico i Edilitaria” (Italy);
  • “Urban Development Sciences” at “University of Dublin” (Ireland).

We also note that since 1995 in  the European Union operates the ”European Association of Institutions of Higher Education in Urbanism and Regional Planning”, Glasgow, UK, having consultative status. Currently this organization groups together 97 such institutions and 420 individuals from 24 European countries, including the 15 European Union countries.